5 Categories of Stoneware

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Just when you think that stoneware is used only for homes and your personal projects, you are proven to be very wrong. Certain types of stoneware such as chemical, can help store dangerously acidic liquids without releasing any fumes or drainage. The list of things stoneware can be used for is most definitely incredible. The five categories of stoneware that offer you immense help in places other than your home are traditional, fine, chemical, thermal shock resistant and electrical. Each and everyone of these categories have a unique use and are extremely beneficial to those working at any type of industry.


Traditional stoneware is extremely dense and can be created for a very low cost. This particular category of stoneware can be of any color and is made up of fine grained plastic clays.

Fine Stoneware:

Fine stoneware is created only with raw, blended materials. They are mainly used for tableware and art decorations for those individuals who love exhibiting their chinaware and stoneware.

Chemical Stoneware:

This type of stoneware is used in the chemical industry. Chemical stoneware is only made up of extremely pure, raw material and is used to create jars that can store up to 5,000 liters of acid. This is very beneficial for specific industries that are looking to store any acidic liquids that could harm their employees and products.

Thermal Shock Resistant Stoneware:

Thermal shock resistant stoneware has other additives in the clay that cause the stoneware to become thermal shock resistant after the piece is fired.

Electrical Stoneware:

All electrical stoneware pieces are used as electrical insulators. These can come particularly handy in homes, buildings and other large electronic projects. Although the porcelain insulator option is now available, stoneware still remains the most widely used.