Why Use Stoneware in Your Kitchen?

We all like an Ikea kitchen with modern clean lines and useful features to help us utilise all the space in a drawer or corner unit.  Why not try something different?

It’s no secret, stoneware is not only beautiful to view, but absolutely amazing to cook with. If you look down below you will see a list of extremely amazing benefits that I believe to be a perfect fit for anybody who loves their time spent in the kitchen.

Stoneware cookware if chemically stable, which means that no metals or chemicals will seep into your food. Before using your stoneware cookware, be sure to make sure that it is lead free, as some homemade stoneware items are occasionally made with lead.

Stoneware holds heat extremely well and also distributes heat evenly when it is placed in an oven. When using stoneware cookware to bake your dinner, always remember to remove the food after it is pulled out of the oven. Because stoneware holds heat efficiently, it tends to keep cooking the food even after it is taken out of the oven.

Not only does stoneware do wonders for heating food and baking, but it also does wonders for a perfect crust. Compared to other cookware materials, stoneware seemingly takes the lead with the perfect, light and crispy crust that it creates every time.

A great benefit to using stoneware products is that the cookware you buy, or make, is extremely durable and long lasting. If you have children in your home, it makes for the perfect cookware to train your child with in the kitchen. No matter how hard the spoon hits or how many times they may bump them into the counter, the stoneware will stay intact and scratch free.

All stoneware cookware is very easy to clean and is scratch resistant. Thus, making it the perfect cookware material for anyone who cares just as much about the appearance of their cookware as they do their meals.

Watch a video on how to season your kitchen stoneware: