5 Categories of Stoneware

Decorating Your Bathroom With Stoneware


Although you may think you have added stoneware in just about every place imaginable in your home, think again. It is time to talk about all of the stoneware products that you can add to your bathroom for viewing pleasure and for your own personal use. Some of the best products you can add to your collection for your bathroom are a bath accessory set, a vase for flowers, bathroom sink and a tissue holder. Below is a brief list of these items and their description.

Bath Accessory Set

In your stoneware bath accessory set you will be provided with a soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and a small tumbler for water. The set not only looks classy and unique, but it also benefits you with holding your personal hygiene items.

Flower Vase

Not only does a stoneware vase look beautiful with freshly cut flowers, but they also bring a very classy vibe to your bathroom area. Vases also come in a variety of different sizes and shapes to help you easily match the colors and decorations in your home.

Bathroom Sink

Owning a stoneware sink is truly something to be proud of. Although the cost ranges a little higher than your every day porcelain sink, the exquisite markings and decorations on the stoneware sink will surely be
worth every cent paid.

Tissue Holder

Lets face it, everyone who owns a home needs a stoneware tissue holder. Not only does it look more classy than just a tissue box sitting on the shelf, but it keeps dust from collecting onto your tissues. The price for stoneware tissue holders are semi inexpensive, but even cheaper and easier to make than having to travel to a store to purchase one.

Watch a video on how a bath is carved from one piece of stone: