The Utility of Stoneware

Due to its strength, durability and ability to stand high temperatures, many modern clay pieces of stoneware have found their way into the home. Cooking and eating are important, so plates, dishes and baking vessels need to be versatile. They also need to be durable to withstand modern life, and stoneware is one product that can be used over and over without breaking. Its resistance to breakage when heated also makes it perfect for cooking.

When it comes to eating, people want plates and cups they can use for years. It is nice to use paper plates to avoid heavy duty cleanup every night, but that is not economically feasible for many households. Plates and mugs that will not chip or crack are necessary for homes with active adults and children, and stoneware is a durable choice. Even when they are dropped, there tends to be more damage to the toes or feet of those in the area than is sustained by the cup or plate.

Cooking food takes many forms, and stoneware has fit well into modern life. It is at home in the oven or microwave as well as the freezer, and its thermal properties make it transferable between them. It can be colored or glazed to meet many different decorating tastes, and it will last years before wear shows. For casseroles on the go, there are few materials as utilitarian as stoneware.

Dishwashers are often one of the more pleasant appliances of modern life, but they are not always the best way to clean dishes. Stoneware tolerates the dishwasher’s heat well, and it is unharmed by multiple washings. If all the cups, plates and baking dishes in a home are stoneware, the dishwasher can be safely given the unpleasant task of cleaning them while the diners pursue more pleasant tasks.