Types of Stoneware for your Garden

Due to its long wear life and durability in many different weather conditions, stoneware is often a favourite for gardeners who want decorative pots for their beautiful outdoor plants. Unlike terra cotta planters, stoneware comes in many different base colours, and patterns are often painted on it before it is glazed. Shopping for just the right planter is a fun occupation, and some pottery houses will even take orders for a specific colour, pattern or size. The versatility of stoneware makes it a beautiful piece of functional art outside the home.

Plants come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and matching them with just the right pot is important. One of the few outdoor plants that people are always seeking beautiful pots for is the bonsai tree. Durability is important because trees last many decades, and stoneware is one of the few that can match its life. Finding the perfect pot for a beautiful bonsai is an investment for the next few generations.

Day lilies have come to the notice of many gardeners recently, and they are a colourful addition to home gardens. They are bulbs that double every year, and some people plant them in raised beds for ease in digging out the extra bulb. Their beautiful colours make them an optimum plant for a decorative stoneware pot to use them as a focal point for the garden, and the pots can be tall to allow easy access when it is time to transplant them.

Selecting several different plants for a living display is always a fun way to spruce up an outdoor area and stoneware is a perfect fit for this type of arrangement. There are varieties of plants that only last a season or a year, but the pot can be used every year for a focal element on the patio. Planters in the front of the house can contain flowering shrubs for great curb appeal.